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Pamela Landwirth has dedicated her career to fueling the greater good. A purpose-driven leader and experienced executive, Pamela is passionate about helping companies discover the power of purpose. She knows that companies do well by doing good, and when companies champion a culture of compassion and service, they can improve the engagement and productivity of their team.

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On Purpose

Making an impact on the lives of others is a powerful experience. It connects us with something bigger than ourselves and revives our sense of purpose. The unfortunate truth is that too many people around the world are not fulfilled by their jobs, and because of this, companies are suffering.

Pamela Landwirth’s book, On Purpose, explores the far-reaching effects that corporate social responsibility can have on a company’s bottom line. By defining a clear purpose and aligning with service, companies can encourage employee engagement, increase overall success, and give back to the world at large.

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Book sale proceeds benefit Give Kids The World Village.

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For over 26 years Pamela Landwirth has been part of Give Kids The World, a non-profit resort in Central Florida that fulfills the wishes of critically ill kids and their families, to ignite an enduring sense of hope in their hearts. She currently serves as a purpose-driven president and CEO.

Learn More About Pamela
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Pamela Landwirth has spent her career working to better the world through purpose and service. She has found her purpose through her service to others and now shares her experiences with audiences large and small. The CEO of Give Kids the World, Pamela is passionate about working towards a greater good with leaders around the world. She speaks on how to harness the power of purpose through service and partnerships that support worthy causes. She also consults teams to develop actionable plans for growth.

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