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  • Are you a business leader who is looking to help your team be more engaged and fulfilled? The key could be purpose.

    Studies show that businesses and companies have more engaged, fulfilled, and empowered employees when there is a purpose behind their work. With her years of work as president and CEO of Give Kids The World, Pamela Landwirth has worked with many businesses who have helped make dreams come true for critically ill children. She has watched how their teams have grown because they understand their purpose and use it to fuel their team. She has seen teams serving one another and their communities and seen the powerful difference that can make—for the business, the employees, and the community.

    As a speaker, Pamela’s purpose is to inspire organizations to unleash the power of purpose and to champion a culture of engagement and service to others. She recognizes that companies do well by doing good. When they promote a purpose-driven culture focused on compassion and service to their community, they supercharge engagement and improve productivity.

    The first step is to define your purpose. The second step is to look for great causes or areas of service that you can align your team with for growth.

    Take Pamela’s assessment to you can find out how your company is doing and where you can improve. You’ll answer a few short questions that will give her insight into your company. She’ll take your responses, keeping your information confidential, and send you the results.

    Are you ready to take the next step to drive organizational success through service? Let’s get started:

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