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What could you gain from the power of purpose?

“Everybody needs four things in life:  something to do, someone to love, something to believe in, and something to look forward to.” People need four things—a sense of purpose, someone to love, something to believe in, and something to look forward to.” – Lou Holtz 

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Too many people go through life without feeling truly fulfilled. We may be successful in our careers and have happy home lives, but without purpose, it can still feel like something is missing. It can be the same in companies—there might be something missing. 

By discovering a sense of purpose, you can take your life or your business from ordinary to extraordinary. And Pamela Landwirth can help you make that happen.


Pamela has dedicated her career to bettering the world. She has found her purpose through her service to others and now shares the power of her experiences with audiences large and small.

When Pamela speaks to your group, she does more than present. She inspires. Drawing from her experience with Walt Disney World, Hard Rock Cafe, and Give Kids The World Village, she shares stories of purpose, service, and commitment. She offers listeners a compelling vision for improving their business, organization, and the world around them. Her engaging presentations add substantial value to any event and will inspire audiences to harness the staggering power of purpose in their personal lives and in their businesses.


Pamela knows that purpose without acts is pointless. That’s why she offers her consulting clients clear, thoughtful guidance on the best ways to create a purpose-driven culture that will boost employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity. Pamela combines her years of executive experience with the most cutting-edge research on purpose in the workplace to help companies and organizations build an action plan for success. 

Ready to ignite your team through the power of purpose? Pamela will show you how.

Ready to ignite your team through the power of purpose? Pamela will show you how.


"Succinct and inspirational, this book contains insight that is priceless to any business leader today. It emphasizes that, in retaining the brightest and the best people for your company, it is imperative to appeal to their innate thirst for purpose. It is essential to appeal to their hearts. Pam Landwirth has a capacity for emotional outreach that is boundless. I have long believed that a leader is a person with a head for business and a heart for people, and Pam has achieved that wonderful balance. This book pays forward her wisdom. It is with gratitude to Pam and Give Kids The World, and what both have meant to me, that I am thrilled to highly recommend this book to you."
MEG GILBERT CROFTON President (Retired), Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Operations—United States & France
"In this book, Pam has brilliantly captured the essence of living a fulfilling life. The various stories you will read will touch you deeply because they capture people at their best – when they Give/Serve/Share, as the Village puts it. After reading this book, I know you will be inspired to give, serve and share more. And in that process, you will make this world a better place and you will become a better, happier and more fulfilled person."
DAVID WILLIAMS President & CEO Make-A-Wish America

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